To Search by Parcel Number

If you know the parcel number, this is the quickest way to find parcel information. However, you must enter the number in a specific format. All Arapahoe County parcels have the following format:


You must enter all of the numbers, including any leading zeroes and all of the hyphens. Do not use any spaces and do not add any extra characters.

If you don't know the parcel number, search by the address instead.

To Search by Address

If you don't know the parcel number, you can find it by using the address search. Enter the address number, or a range of numbers, in the From and To boxes and enter the name of the street in the third box. If there is a unit number (i.e. for apartments), enter it in the last box.

You do not have to enter the street direction (N., North, etc.) or the type of street (Ave., Avenue, etc.).

Don't worry about matching the name exactly. You do have to enter at least the first three letters, however. For example, if you enter the name Prince it will also find names like Princeton. Just be sure to include an address number or range of numbers, to avoid retrieving all of the addresses on that street.

If more than one record is found you will be given a list from which to choose. Six items are shown on each page, and you can page through the list if there are more items than will fit on one page.

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